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Here’s What We Do…

You get it all with a more personal touch to make your travel plans even more enticing. Our Goal is to make it easy for you to collect moments together. Think your 1:1 Personal Travel Assistant. We believe in the journey as well as the destination. Here’s a few things we offer:

  • – Romance travel
  • – Family Travel
  • – Friends Memory Makers
  • – Quick Domestic little getaways
  • – Multi-stop adventures
  • – Tropical Babymoons
  • – Luxury bucket list vacations

 We know vacations are the best investment to make in any relationship. We’ll help you make the most of it! Giving you the experience you needed at the price you expected.


Here are steps to booking travel…

Step 1

Book a complimentary vacation planning session – Absolutely Free

Step 2

Fill out the customer qualification form.

Step 3

You choose the package that best fits your vacations needs. We will plan step-by-step your vacation experience with your suggestions and request kept foremost in mind. Each vacation is personally booked per your specific requests. Booking flights, hotels and adding excursions are all within normal basic requirements. And remember –  Set and Rise has relationships and status within suppliers which always benefits the customer.

Step 4

Review your well thought out, organized proposals. All you have to do is choose which vacation piques your interest and budget the best!

Step 5

Make required deposits for your travel.


Step 6

Pack! Sorry, we don’t do this one for you : )


Step 7

Make those everlasting memories!
Don’t forget to snap photos, hold hands and build huge sandcastles.


My Promise

I will keep up with all requirements from airlines, hotels and resorts and relay all information to you well before your trip. Communication is our strongest asset so you won’t have to do a thing alone!


Wondering how much your dream vacation will cost?


Book your vacation before June 2023 and your TOTAL planning fee will be waived up to 3 vacations!