Definition: A need is something necessary to live and function. A want is something that can improve your quality of life.

Quality of life. This is why vacation is so important. You get tired, overwhelmed and flooded with humanness. Life is not always easy. As humans we experience all the feelings. All the ups and downs. The happy tears and the really “ugly cry” sad ones. Vacation is what brings things back into perspective. Have you ever noticed when you come home from a short trip that your house smells different? How could one weekend away make your olfactory senses forget what your home smells like? You had just been there for 239 days in a row. Is 3 days away going to bring a whole new perspective, physically even, on your house? Yes, yes, it is.  A new fresh take on life is what it is really bringing. A reset on your ability to realize your life again. A fresh new page. A want. Vacation can bring on the want in life again. Letting someone else plan it for you elevates the level of luxury. Feeling taken care is what we all crave. Comforted and supported. Is it a need? Truly it may be.