Getaway, Giveway

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Book it to win!

Book a Vacation (resort or hotel) with Set and Rise Vacations between March 1st – June 1st and be entered to receive a $100 Amazon Gift card to spend on your vacation luxuries (or necessities : )

Now, there will only be one winner of the Amazon Gift card… BUT! Any customer that mentions “Getaway, Giveaway” between March 1st – June 1st during the vacation planning session will have the full amount of the session waived! ($99- $350 Value). This means it will cost you nothing for a personalized professional vacation planner to book your vacation for you…Soooo, you are a winner either way!

  • – Book a vacation with Set and Rise between March 1st and June 1st and be automatically entered to win
  • – Must Mention “Getaway, Giveaway”
  • – Fill out the Vacation Planning Session form
  • – Bonus Karma points when you pass along to friends
  • – $100 Amazon card winner will be selected on June 2nd. 

 Fill out the form found on :

All you need to do to save your self time, money and energy…

Step 2

Fill out the customer qualification form. Click here to open form

Step 3

Mention to Getaway, Giveaway

We will plan step-by-step your vacation experience with your suggestions and request kept foremost in mind. Each vacation is personally booked per your specific requests. Booking flights, hotels and adding excursions are all within normal basic requirements. And remember –  Set and Rise has relationships and status within suppliers which always benefits the customer.

Step 4

Review your well thought out, organized proposals.That was created for you at NO COST TO YOU!

All you have to do is choose which vacation piques your interest and budget the best!

Step 5

Make required deposits for your travel.


Step 6

Cross your fingers until June 2nd and see if you have won the $100!


Step 7

Make those everlasting memories!
Don’t forget to snap photos, hold hands and build huge sandcastles.


My Promise

I will keep up with all requirements from airlines, hotels and resorts and relay all information to you well before your trip. Communication is our strongest asset so you won’t have to do a thing alone!


Wondering how much your dream vacation will cost?