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Before I was a travel agent all I could do was wonder… what’s the big secret? What do they know that I don’t? How are they getting all these great deals? And most of all; how can I get my hands on them?

Well, wonder no longer.

Becoming a travel agent, I’ve done just that. Now I want to pass those little gems onto you!


Your Guide includes:

  •  Which resorts to choose to suit your needs (hint-hint they’re not all the same.)
  • The most current TSA guidelines
  •  When is the best time to travel
  •  How to contact resorts directly to get your questions answered directly from the source
  • Where to really look for the very best deals

I want to give you the inside secrets I wish I knew!

Whether you are planning this vacation solo, with a partner or a travel agent these tips are guaranteed to help you save money and enjoy the journey. And this little handy guide is yours FREE!

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Where to look for deals

Learn the most important rules when surfing for a deal.

Which resort is right for you?

There are valuable resources avaiable to your to maximize your time, energy and effort… not to mention your DOLLAR!!!

What is the very BEST time to book?

Educate yourelf on the best times to book your travel.

TSA Guildeines you NEED to know about.

Don’t be caught with your pants down… the things you really need to know before taking flight.

All This and MORE!

Your FREE Guide will include all these tips and MORE Juice Tips from inside the travel industry!