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Exploring the Rhine and Danube Rivers

If you are just getting ready to take your first European river cruise, or you’ve been on several, you will want to consider both the Rhine and Danube Rivers. There’s a reason why they’re the most popular river cruises in the world!

First to note:  The Rhine and Danube River cruises have some similarities.

Stahleck Castle overlooking the Rhine River with Viking Longship

The Viking Longship Njord near the town of Durnstein on the Danube River.

They flow through some of the most scenic places in Europe. You will see bustling cities, charming villages, and even picturesque fields. Castles dot the countryside. http://www.vikingrivercruises.com/myagent/setandrisevacations/  Also, BOTH rivers will have you cruising through several locks along your trip. These engineering marvels will have you captivated. They will meander through beautiful scenery and engage all of your senses. Stimulating the “Thinkers Mind” and educating while immersing you on all the local culture. It is the differences between the Rhine and Danube River cruises that are likely able to help you choose which cruise is right for you. 

The Food:

The Rhine River will take you through the Black Forest of Germany where you can enjoy an afternoon tea, complete with their famous chocolate cake. Entrees will include hearty meals featuring sausage and pork. Fine wine will also be available in the form of Rieslings which are produced from the grapes in the area. 

The Viking Longship Mani passing the town of Lorchhausen, Germany in the Middle Rhine Valley.

Local specialties on the Danube River include Goulash and Schnitzel, pastries, and traditional apple strudel. Street food favorites such as Hungarian Langos and Chimney Cakes can be enjoyed year-round. And don’t miss the famous Apricot Brandy made in Dürnstein, Austria.








Art or Music?:

Although both rivers go through historic centers, the ones on the Rhine are larger and more modern. These include Amsterdam, Basel and Strasbourg with museums and a thriving art scene.

The Danube River’s cities have more of an old world feel, with music playing an important role. In fact, classical music performances occur on a daily basis.


Do you become energized by them or do you prefer to get away from it all? The Rhine River is typically busier. This means more ships on the river and cities which can be a bit more crowded. Some of those ships will be much larger and not nearly as sweet as yours.

Danube River Cruises have a greener feel, with fewer ships and people on the river.


If it is possible to summarize a feeling into a phrase: The Rhine is perfect for those who like romance and fairy tales, art, and are more comfortable with crowds. The Danube, an old world feel, fewer crowds, and classical music.

Once you think you know which cruise is right for you, reach out to your friendly travel advisor : ) You’ll then be matched up to the correct cruise line based on what you want to see, how long you would like to be gone, and your budget. Then you’ll be on your way! You can check out more here: My personal Viking Website!

I hope you take the time to connect with a travel agent and review all the specials and options that are available to you. Click here to connect with Set and Rise Vacations

5 Mistakes to avoid at an All-inclusive resort

5 Mistakes to avoid at an All-inclusive resort

An All-Inclusive resort vacation are a dream! White sand beaches. Great service. Delicious food. Everything you could need is at your fingertips.

To keep that dream from turning into a nightmare, make sure to avoid these costly mistakes.

1. Choosing the wrong resort.

Don’t you do it. Don’t you dare book that resort without consulting a travel agent! While all-inclusive resorts vary widely based on service, food, amenities, and activities, the biggest considerations are location, theme, and guest demographics. It’s important to have a clear picture of what you want and plan from that view. 

2. Overindulging.

Just because you can eat three pounds of prime rib and a gallon of ice cream doesn’t mean you should. The same goes for trying every specialty drink on the menu. Keeping in mind that your body (and more specially, its internal functions) doesn’t know you are not at home. Think ahead an pack a little Liquid IV . Use moderation in what you eat and drink as you want to both enjoy and remember your vacation.

3. Staying at the resort the entire time.

Get out of your comfort zone! You already took the leap, take the steps, and get outside that resort. Most all-inclusive resorts are in a specific destination because of the beauty and culture, so plan an excursion to explore the area. And keep in mind that adrenaline helps to cement memories deeper into your brain!

4. Not getting to know the staff.

Learning the staff members’ names and a smile will go a long way toward making your vacation more enjoyable. Staff members who feel “seen” often go out of their way to help the people with whom they make a connection. Many resorts do allow tipping. Although it is NOT required. Be kind and exchange your currency at the airport so you can tip in the native currency. This will make it easier for the staff to use that well-earned cash. Currency info Click that link and find out more about the currency for your location. 

5. Staying “plugged in”.

It’s time to put the phone down and turn the computer off. Remember your motivation for planning your vacation and be fully present in the moment. Take the long walk on the beach. Join in the pool aerobics, dance at the glow party, cheer for the fire spinner. Really dig into this experience. You won’t regret not having your phone in your face. 

We would be remiss if we didn’t share what we think is the most important mistake to avoid: Skipping Travel Insurance! This is my favorite: http://Tripmate.com/wpN430F

Did you know your medical insurance doesn’t cover you once you are off American soil? That’s right. You’re not covered in case of a medical emergency. Trust me. Get travel insurance!

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