Inspiring Wanderlust in Our Children

Inspiring Wanderlust in Our Children

I think it’s safe to say that most parents want their children to be kind, well-rounded, and inquisitive little humans that grow up to be kind, well-rounded, and inquisitive adults. One of the ways we can encourage this is to travel with them, but we can’t be wheels up 24/7. There are, of course, things to consider – finances, work, and school schedules, time, etc. So how can we continue to inspire their curiosity and sense of wonder between trips? Check out these suggestions to keep your kids craving adventure.

Camera – Taking photos is fun for all ages and now they even make durable, child-friendly digital cameras. Like this one an Amazon: Child friendly camera It is exciting to see what is important to them and what interests them through what they capture. Great thing about this is they can use this at home and while they are traveling … SCORE!

Books – This is a given. There are so many books out there that can support their curiosity to learn about the world around them. Atlases, fact books, books with plots in other countries, books about traditions and culture. The list goes on. This is one we love: The Travel Book, A Journey Through Every Country In The World.

Globe – Whether the globe is interactive or old school, there is something about giving a globe a spin that makes exploring the places on them fun. It also puts into perspective for them how big the world is when they realize their home is just a small dot!

Adventure Fund – Move aside piggy bank. We aren’t saving for toys – we are saving for experiences! Having a fund designated for travel is a great way to get your children excited for their next adventure. They will be more likely to put their money towards it if the money is going towards something that you all agree on. Maybe a certain excursion or new luggage! Consider a money saving app for them like Chime.

Binoculars – Let them explore the world around them up close! They can use these when going on walks, playing hide and seek, and simply spotting nature around them. Playing ‘I Spy’ is also a fun way to put these to use. Anything is more exciting when you are looking at it close up and personal! Try out this pair great for smaller eyes: Binoculars for Adults and Kids

Local Experiences – You don’t always need to go halfway across the world when you get the itch for adventure. Visit local parks, farms, and zoos. Buy annual passes to a nearby amusement park. Take part in seasonal activities like skiing or a day trip to the lake. I always encourage families to gift experiences like these to help with cost as well.

I hope this list has inspired you to find ways to encourage your child’s wanderlust at home. Of course, when you are ready to take flight, I’d love to help you!

Contact me to start planning your next adventure. Click here to schedule a 30-minute phone call to discuss any of your travel wonders. I would love to help you plan domestically or internationally. 

Seven Holiday Travel Tips

Seven Holiday Travel Tips

Travel during the busy holiday season doesn’t have to be full of frustrations. Remember these few tips to help you have smooth travel.

  1. Plan and budget. Travel in peak holiday season can be extra busy and priced at a premium. We recommend you consider your travel plans six to nine months in advance to find the best deals for air and accommodations.

  1. Travel on off-peak days. (Don’t worry I’ll do the minus-a-day-here, add-a-day-there foolery) Avoid traveling the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Traveling early on the actual holiday can often save you frustration and money.

  1. Pack earplugs and sleep mask. Earplugs will be your friend on noisy flights and a sleep mask can help you get better sleep while in unfamiliar hotel surroundings. Think ultra-comfy out of the box. Sometimes this is necessary to feel just slightly comfortable while out of town! You can buy this set below here: Lucky Whale Silk Satin Sleeping Eye Mask, Soft Sleep Eye Night Blindfold for Women and Men, Eyeshade Cover with Satin Hair Scrunchies and Ear Plugs, Wedding Bridesmaid Gift, Royal Blue : Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Ship your gifts. Save frustration with trying to keep your suitcase under the weight limit and avoid the chance of gifts being opened for inspection. Instead, ship your gifts to your destination in advance. Let the recipient know that it is to be opened when you arrive by attaching a fun bright tag with special instructions on there they should hid it from themselves.  Click the link to get info on Shipping and to find a Post office near you: PO Locator | USPS

  1. Pack light. If you can manage it, try packing a carry-on suitcase only. You can always do laundry on your trip. This will help you avoid long lines to check in luggage and will let you keep your items with you should you have any flight or train schedule changes. Find my favorite suitcase here. Best carry-on Suitcase | Monos Travel Luggage & Accessories Fits in all overhead compartments and looks beautiful! Also, consider laundry sheets like these to wash those undies on the go! Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets – Fresh Scent – No Plastic Jug (60 Loads) 30 Sheets, Liquidless Technology… : Health & Household

  1. Remember your chargers. With the need to arrive early to air and train terminals during the holiday season, don’t forget to bring your device chargers and even a travel charging brick as a backup. I suggest buying an extra of each charger you usually bring and keeping it right inside your suitcase at all times. Your special travel chargers! Electronics Accessories Organizer Pouch Bag, Universal Travel Digital Accessories Storage Bag for Portable Charger, Cables, Earphone, iPhone, Cord, Customize Inside with Dividers, Pink : Electronics


  1. Call your travel advisor. Stay calm and call your travel advisor. I can help you find the best value and make sure your travel plans are smooth during the holiday season. I will be there with you for all the holiday season drama. when all else fails book a 30-minute meeting:  …..It’s way less expensive than a therapist : )

I hope these tips help spark ideas of how you can have a great travel experience during this holiday season. Quick bonus tip: don’t forget to pack your smile and sense of humor. Your simple smile will help you keep a positive attitude – and may just brighten someone else’s day, too!

I wish you a wonderful holiday season that is filled with love and laughter and of course, memories.

The All-Inclusive Difference

The All-Inclusive Difference

We are talking “Leave your wallet and enjoy all the luxurious offerings” kind of inclusive.

Don’t get me wrong, going to a Tropical Domestic Location has it’s perks. Not needing a passport, short flights, familiar smells and nostalgic feelings. However, how much are you actually spending on that trip? For example, one of my Favorites is Key west. Beautiful Beaches, great shopping and local cultural actives abound. According to: website that breaks down daily costs while on vacation. You should plan to spend around $441 per day on your vacation in Key West, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. And although some of us like to be free to skip around from here to there, Uber and walk the town without a care in the world. Not too much is included with these types of get-aways.

When you think of an all-inclusive think VALUE. Best Bang for your Buck. When you visit an all-Inclusive resort you are getting that 86 degree weather on the daily. The beautiful beaches and accommodations you would expect. The Culture and entertainment you so long for throughout the year. WITHOUT the extra costs. No Tipping, NO WORRIES. All tips, taxes and gratuities. No Lift Fees, roundtrip airport transfers are included. Some of the resorts have FREE Exclusive Airport Arrival Lounge (Like Sandals in Jamaica and Saint Lucia). Most All-Inclusives now offer Free WiFi (in room and all common areas)…. And most top-tier suites offer a Free Personal Butler Service. That’s right I said it… your own Butler. To appease your every whim. Did I mention that cost you nothing as well? It’s, say it with me, INCLUDED!

Some other amenities you may not have even known were going to be offered to you in an all-inclusive package include:

All Food + Drinks
And we are talking 5-star gourmet dining. If you are a Fan of Below Deck you know that the Dining makes or breaks a tropical retreat. Resorts (like Bravo TV) are keen to this. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and anytime snacks… Included.
Unlimited Alcohol and non-alcoholic beverage. This is one to make sure of the details. Not all resorts are created equally, so make sure to check with your travel advisor to choose the resort that best fits you. If you are Oenophile or top shelf liquor type of gal/guy make sure you let your Agent know.

Unlimited PLAY
Snorkeling, Hobie Cats, paddle boards, kayaks are almost always offered. Most non-motorized adventures are. (NON-MOTORIZED because… the free alcohol thing…) But don’t worry professional instruction for water sports is included as well!
Beach volleyball, Fitness center, basketball, pool tables, day and night tennis even pickle ball can all be at your sporty finger tips. For FREE

Unlimited Entertainment that will create the memories we are meant to hold onto.
Every resort has its own specialty of course. But you will not be bored if you would like to be amused and charmed. Daily activities and Nightly shows are offered at each location.
But let’s not overlook the value of the Pool and Beach. THE BEST BEACHES. THE BEST POOLS. This is what Resorts know how to do. Because, the road to happiness isn’t a road at all. It’s a body of clear crisp water. These all-inclusive resorts are located on the most gorgeous tropical islands in the Tropics, these regions are known for their turquoise waters and romantic sunsets. The paths to your happy place are many–just choose your perfect All-Inclusive. It’s Included.

That all-inclusive experience is like no other. Include Set and Rise Vacation and you will receive other

Free Perks

you didn’t even know you were missing out on.

Disney Ears Anyone?

Disney Ears Anyone?

Ears for some are a must-have collectible. During your visit to WDW keep an eye out for ears that pay tribute to certain attractions and characters. If you’re looking to jump on an even hotter trend, go for one of the many color specific ears. Rose gold and purple potion are two favorites. I LOVE matching my outfits to my ears. (And my family to one another). Something about the playful adult is just magic. Come to Life. Wear the Ears. Here are some Ear and Outfit ideas to spark your imagination for your trip:

  • Magic Kingdom: Princess theme or Mickey and Minnie
  • Epcot: Olaf, Elsa and Anna or American flag themed
  • Animal Kingdom: Chip and Dale or Cheetah Print
  • Hollywood Studios: Toy Story or Star Wars
  • Typhoon Lagoon: Lilo and Stich
  • Blizzard Beach: Goofy or Ariel and Flounder
  • Disney Springs: Beauty and the beast “be our guest”- dinning themed or Your Time to Shine Family Themed Magic

Pro Tip: Plan Your Outfit Before You Go. Pack up Gallon sized Zip Locks with the day and park printed on the front and pack the bag up with the special outfit. Add in Suprise PJ’s, themed swim wear and matching Family T-Shirts.

Hollywood Studios

Mickey Saw My Ears!

Matching Family Tee’s can be easily ordered on

Mickey and Minnie Ears and Bows are always a great touch

Animal Kingdom- Amazon finds

Red, White and Blue Day at Epcot. USA represented!