Nice to Meet You!

2020 brought a new perspective on life. When My step- daughter, who was 17 passed away in her sleep, life became less blurry. The importance of enjoying every moment we are given became a new mission statement for my everyday.

  • Realizing that the happiest people are those who have a vacation on the calendar and are looking forward to collecting memories, and not things
  • I run on the treadmill to images of beaches around the world
  • I am all caught up on every episode of Below Deck – yes, that includes Yachting, Mediterranean and Down Under!
  • Having 4 children and a very involved husband makes it easy to be organize and timely, it’s already built in
  • Sharing my passion for life is a must, giving good energy and vibrating at my highest level is a daily goal

No Distance is Too Far to Bring Us Together

At Set and Rise, we’re all about connecting together and creating the memories life is here to give us. Options for booking online can be overwhelming and impersonal, offering you zero encouragement along the way.

I will be with you from the day that first spark of excitement hits to the day you shake the sand out of your suitcase at home.

I will be there as your guide and personal vacation assistant the entire time.

We are different than other booking companies. Our process with premiere global resources enables us to provide the experience we know you’re looking for. Because we offer exclusive access and travel perks non-stop, we are honored to give you our undivided attention and laser-focused detail to get you to the beach faster ; )

Going to and from work is not why we are here on earth.

Driving to and from sports practices and games is not why we are given this gift of living in human form. Life is for living. Life is for experiencing the sun, the sand, and the breeze.

Together is why it’s worth it – why we workday and night – to have the chance to explore the full potential of life.